Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vehicle 19

U know when you feel like you need to do sometimes by yourself, just you and yourself time?
Hari Khamis habis kerja awal, so pg plan nk pg tgk wayang.
I really nak tengok Gatsby because I love the director Baz.
His film never disappoint me!
Malangnya takde for that day.
I'm torn between Vehicle 19 and Identity Theft.
I'm not a fan to Melissa McCarthy because I dont think she is that funny.
So I decide to watch Vehicle 19 starring Paul Walker mamat Fast and Furious tu.
As much as I'm dying to watch Fast and Furious 6 sebab trailer gempak nak mampos, I do believe now DONT LET THE TRAILER OR SYNOPSIS FOOL YOU!

Remember this folks.
I can conclude that after this, I rather choose the comedy movie than action movie

One, action movie always cerita satu hari. Ntah lah rasa mcm alah, cerita satu hari je? At least Die Hard hari tu ada mamat hensem gila tu.
Two, kalo action movie bosan kau akan bosan ya ampun but with Hollywood comedy, I can say that at least you will laugh, you will get the good times in there.
Three, for my personal reason - action movie never my 1st favorite genre!

Dont terpedaya with that so-called fire
Dont terpedaya dengan muka dia! Dont!
This movie adoihhhhh

if you have 2nd option than this movie, just go there.

Rating : I dont know / 5


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