Friday, March 15, 2013

Sad Beautiful Tragic

u sit down
u tired
u just look around
and u dont think u belong where u are

u are so sick
sick of people in your circle
and one thing came right away in your mind
"my life isnt here, i cant fit with these people."


u have to suck it up
u need to force yourself to love something u just don't like
there are stage in your life where u have to pull it up together and tell yourself this is ok, u gonna looove it but deep deep inside u know u are not happy

u just HAVE to fake it
fake everything
your smile
your body language
your look
your words

and there are times u realize, u are not yourself anymore.
u turn to someone bitter,
u hurt people
and what hurt the most, u hurt yourself
and u turn to someone that u dont like


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