Monday, February 11, 2013

Makan Untuk Hidup

Sunday, 10/11/2013

Lunch - BanDotMai Restaurant, Wangsa Maju.

The restaurant was cool.
The decoration and of course the food esp Tomyam,originality.
Tihin's - Fried rice in claypot with chicken and pineapple + pineapple juice
Yours truly - White Rice + Chicken Herbs + Watermelon Juice

Total damages: RM53.31

Dinner - Seoul Garden, Festival City Mall.

Pegi dengan officemate and usung Tihin sekali.
Eas teringin sangat nak steambot
tapi lupa nak snap pic Tasya & Eas heh

RM 38.88 per person (dinner)

I think for lunch only RM24+

Ha itu dia my off day
Memang makan untuk hidup
No worries, dah makan ubat alergik wakakaka

And I'm working on Monday. 

Nite nite all. :)

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