Monday, February 25, 2013

If you need to cry, just do it.

U know,

There are times when I stressed like crazy, I just had to sit down and calm myself and cried.
Well, maybe I have to listen to Abang Anuar's song before I sit down.
After I done crying, I have to stand up and think positive and walk like a bawse and moved on.

That's life isnt it?
We MUST have one down time and know how to handle it.
If u you need to cry, just cried like someone closed to u died and trust me, after that you will feel much much better.

And positive thinking?
That will be the important thing in my life right now.
Wherever I feel like I wanna quit my job and ran back to Kedah, I started to think nothing but ONLY positive stuff, I'll be okay.

And of course you need to turn to Allah to seek for the forgiveness and happiness in life.
Dont be too sombong and think that you can stand by your own.
Read Quran esp after Maghrib and you will feel like you near to Allah SWT.

I'm not that good girl or anything but I'm trying.

Good day people!


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