Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ohai Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year!!!!!!
Hai 2013!!
Im not sure why I am sooooo happy to meet 2013!
I hope something slash someone good waiting for me hehehehehe

Besides, for the last day of 2012 my life was sooooo smooth, final best customer, finally get my best coffee, my fav foods from EPL Cafe and just watching fireworks from my window

Dear 2013,
I hope I can be a better person, better muslimah,better friend, best-est daughter, good sister :)
I hope I can plan my financial better
I want to be happy, even when I'm crying all just because I'm happy
I want to keep my abah and mak happy, always happy.
and of course my ultimate resolution is I want to find my soulmate in 2013
one voice whispered to me "I think I'm ready now."
and I teringin sangat nak jejak kaki kat Mekah. 
I hope I ada rezeki ke sana. Kalo dpt pegi dengan mak & abah lagi manis. :)

I know all of em just my resolution and sort of wish-list lah kan
But that one can keep me happy what... hehehe

Shopping,travel so not gonna be resolution lah sebab I'll make sure it happened
HAHAHAHAHA mak aku dgr mampus kena bebel.

anyway yang penting I'll try harder to make sure I'm happy on whatever I do.
never give up and enjoy my life as much as I can.
jangan tinggal solat and rajin baca quran.


How about ur feeling for 2013?


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