Monday, October 8, 2012


hai there!

its been a long long time since my last post isnt it?
well nothing much lah to update but hey, i am an employee now.
and kinda of berhijrah to Kuala Lumpur.
i remember i told everyone "I dont want to work at KL. paling jauh must be Penang only!"
and yes, look what happened now.

so, alhamdulillah, after tons of email send to most of logistics company at Penang and ONE email send to this big company at Kuala Lumpur which doesnt relate to maritime industry at all, I was hired to this company which based at KLCC.
but after all, i need money. if I just stay at home waiting for some maritime,logistics,port companies to call me up, sampai bila pun tak kaya. right?
u have no idea how i felt everytime im in the komuter passed by Kontena Nasional office.
for few weeks, i felt like "aah, when we met ah?"
i just scared if one day, i dont remember anything about logistics :(


i always believe that rezeki ada dimana-mana jugak.
Allah dah tentukan rezeki i with this company.
and meeting new good friends.

so, after a month and a half I'd been trained at Menara Sunway (which means i had to travel from Setiawangsa to Kelana Jaya every morning. 6am already mandi ok!!), tomorrow I'll report to KLCC's office.
i missed people at sunway already. *crying*
aah, this girl is the bad person ever to adapt any new changes in her life i tell u!

wish me luck guys!
i really need all your prayers!

i'll be blogging more soon, insyaallah.


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