Saturday, October 13, 2012

After one week..


so its a week after my life at new place.
first day was hard okay. keep remembered Sunway.
rasa macam nak hentak kepala kat dinding and shout why lah u so susah nak adapt tempat baru ni?


in this first week, nothing much we do lah..
when training rooms full we sitting around, sembang, gelak, watch senior did their jobs, makan and jalan-jalan.
by third day im feeling much better.
ye lah, semuanya needs time kan?
and by that day also i heard bad news from Sunway.
more colleague resign and more people feeling so depressed.
i told them, kerja mana yang tak depressed?
kerja goyang kaki je la yg tak depressed.
i advised Ema to be more patient and yes i told her everytime i texted her, i miss her more.
i just dont get people who just simply resign sedangkan nothing yang tunggu him/her kat depan mata.
told us dapat keja but finally we learned that tak pun!
why u even lied to us?

so, im feeling much better now
nak kata jumpa kawan sekepala sehidup semati - i dont really think so lah
but all of the colleague from my batch all ok esp Eas yg selalu sangat tolong aku itu ini, even tolong buangkan sampah aku. LOL
i pray to Allah everyday supaya i bersyukur atas apa yg i dapat
supaya i bersabar dengan mana-mana perkara yg i tak suka or i tak setuju
rather than walkaway, i hope i know how to handle some people yang i kurang setuju dengan tindakan mereka , sometimes lah.
i know i have bad attitude but everyday i learned new things and i hope that i'll change myself to be a better person,,
and i hope some person too.

marilah kita berubah menjadi yang lebih baik!

From left
Kevin, Afiq, Thanga, Me, Akmal, Eas, Zati and Tasya.




Weh.kt klcc eh? Good luck. Nnt bole lepak2 skali.
Btw..btl pe yg ang ckp.xdak keja sng. Learn in hard way lah. We still young, hv nothing to offer except time, time and time. Patience and effort is a must. Tc dear

Shasha Saad said...

Hai baiii!!!
Insyaallah bila ada rezeki kita jumpa! ;)
Some people maybe hidup tak pernah rasa susah kot.
Btw, u take care too, baby-mama! xx