Monday, April 9, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hai!!!

right now i'm staying at Langkawi for 2 months,
i wish i can go to Marin Department as soon as possible but for now its kinda impossible for me
sad u know when u stuck at the department that nothing to do with your course.

but in a positive way, i love everything about Langkawi,
the traffic (can u believe this, i only take 15 minutes to daki Bukit Malut from Kuah?? awesome sbb can keluar 740am from home kehkehkeh), the luxurious cars (hehe), the beach, the view of my work-place (picture), the food okay la, and the best part is i can hang out a lot with my best-girlfriend, Athirah.

so, i love to update a lot about my life now but i got tired so easy lah..
apa nak jadi tak tau..hahaha

i'll update more pics soon!! XD

so, this is where i work for 2 months.
nice ha?

thank you Athirah!! :)


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