Monday, March 19, 2012

Update and a loss, Al-Fatihah


Too many things happened lately.
I had the best weekend last week.
I missed Terengganu real bad for couple of days back.Or I can say that I miss Aiman so bad!
I get mad too easy and I'll cursed on twitter like a bad girl.
I try to just forget everything that hurt me.
I try to be in positive environment.
I want to such a positive human being.
I hate when people forced me.
How I wish I never met that woman. (yes, I cant stop hating her just yet!)
I want to learn new thing like knitting with Kak Sally.
I want to be a better cooker.
I want to gain side income money.
I want to further for Masters.


I'm in the middle of driving-lesson.
Ahh, I hate it.
Now I understand why some people (like my brother) can't stand manual-car.

Wish me luck guys.

p/s : I'm such a spoil-brat kan asyik merungut dengan hidup? But I'm so much grateful with my life now. Those were just my sort of wishlist. :)

Kak Zila's Maksu passed away yesterday. It was shocked loss to all of us. May you rest in peace, Maksu. You'll be missed very much. Al-Fatihah.


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