Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do you remember?


Do you remember the time when we just sooo easy to download the very latest episode of How I Met Your Mother Episode 7? Remember? (oh, I miss Barney so much!)
And I want The Big Bang Theory season 4 so bad!! Real bad!
Do you remember when you can download any good movie from piratebay.com or btjunkie.org ??
I just used those 2 websites when I want to download any full-album or movie or drama-series.
Gosh, I miss them.
I want to know what happen to Bridget & Siobhan (Ringer) , my Jessie (New Girl) and even what happen to Naomi and Austin (90210).........
I want to watch New Year Eve and many many movie!

Oh, so sad.


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