Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bila Rindu #1

Salam all!

Fahmi is my youngest brother, age 19 and study at Matrikulasi Arau.
He is a pretty silence boy and we never expected that he gonna end up 'in relationship' with some girl at his college.
Well, things changed and same goes to people.

So, since he is in the relationship guy, he keeps asking me why I dont have a serious boyfriend?
When I'm going to get married? And lots more of his question that lead me to kick his a**.


Even though I feel like gonna punch him at his face, Im as a very good sister (ehem ehem) answered him with simple answer "I'm not ready." or "I'm not meeting with Mr.Perfect yet." or "You think married is easy thing? It's serious lah!" or more excuses that come to my mind!

BUT if I can point my finger to anybody that cause me to be so single for past three years, they must be this guys : 

(this picture was taken on Jan 17th, 2011 at Badminton place, UMT)


just kidding lah

they are my best friend, best protector, best peneman, best shoulder for me to lean on

I do miss them. to spent two years with them at Terengganu is something memorable, something that I cant avoid to miss when we are apart now. 
I'd been with them for most every day when I'm at Terengganu.
They are like my gay-friends. :)
But usually I'll hear the gossip between me & Aiman. For Zaher, perhaps we look a like, people mistaken him as my real-bro.

We'll hang out like old times again one day!
I promise.

I miss you both, my dear bro!


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