Sunday, March 4, 2012

Addicted to The Carrie Diaries

I remember when I was younger, if anybody asked me what is my hobby, I would answered - reading. Safe, normal and typical answer.

But the truth is, I only love to read magazines like Cleo, Marie Claire, Hello, HOT, InStyle and more gossips/fashion magazines. Tee heee

I always imagined myself buying English-story-books and read it and fall in love with the books and improved my English. In fact, I did bought some good books but I can't remember how many books I actually read it all or how many books end up I-dont-know where.

And don't start on Malay novel. I rather read directly to the end to know the ending. So dramatic! I just owned one Malay novel which is I think worth for me to buy (but end up someone borrowed and never return it back! Sad!) - "Kau Yang Satu".

So, when we took our RM200 book's voucher, Nadia told me she definitely going to purchase at least one English book. I nodded cause my plan was same as her. Furthermore, I plan to buy everything in English. I have no specific reason if you ask me why.

I spent my first RM100 to buy cooking book to mother and one novel that I bought just because of its glamor-cover and famous-outlets. I bought The Carrie Diaries that cost me RM26.90. Other than that I bought books to Ain, some stationery, and some magazines. Hehehe

Here is the link about the review about the book.

But The Carrie Diaries is one real good book I tell you. I am at chapter seventeen and I am so 'bersyukur' because they sell this book at Popular. I am so upset when I barely knew that there are NO Lauren Conrad's book that I'm dying to buy at Popular. (Yes, there are no MPH at Alor Star!). After all, I am so happy to declare, the faith in me to read real books live again! Yay!!!

This book is a prequel for the very famous series "Sex in The City". It was written by the same author, Candace Bushnell and it's about the life of Carrie Bradshaw before her life at New York city. I never read "Sex in The City" neither it's books nor the drama-series but I did watched the movies and I was a super-fast fan afterwards. Ah, Mr Big you have no idea how much I had crush on you! Hahahaha

And what is more excited news for us fan this past few weeks?

The Carrie Diaries going to adapt in drama-series!!!!!!!!! OMG! I was so excited until I spent one whole evening reading about the girl who landed a contract for a life-time as a younger Carrie Bradshaw!!! She is AnnaSophia Robb!!!

To be honest, I never know she exist until the news about she landing the role spread. I heard about the lovely Emma Roberts and Blake Lively also run for the role. Ah, I would love if Emma will be cast too. Maybe as Donna LaDonna the cheerleader!!

I can't wait to know the whole character especially Sebastian Kydd. Who in Hollywood to be that cool to get that role? I can't think!

I hope in future, I have time for this kind of things (of course I do!) and please, bring back all the torrent-whatever-website that I can download HIMYM, 90210, and Ringer. Sobs. I am so sad you know! Screw you SOPA!

Ok, times up!

p/s : I have another RM100 voucher. You think easy to spend wisely, huh? Absolutely NO! ;)



Yong Sofea said...

I was gonna buy this book a a few years back but what stopped me was, i don't know that much about Sex and the City apatah lagi Carrie. ^^

Shasha Saad said...

hehe i pun tak tahu banyak before tgk the movies. go watch the movies and i think dah cukup if u like chick-fashion-love movie. :)