Monday, February 27, 2012

Decision - maker / ing

Assalamualaikum and a very good day!

Few days to remark a month of my journey of my internship at Royal Customs of Kedah.
I had enjoy all my times at this place and now I was located at Kuala Kedah Station for a month and a half (before they will send me to Langkawi for 2 months! YAY!)

My life since the beginning of the internship had a couple of changes.
The major change must be when Abah FINALLY let me to go to the office by myself. I know that was one of the hardest thing for him to 'let-go' hehehe
I told him, what the reason for me to have a license but he refuses to give permission for me to ride a motorcycle by myself? Finally he 'akur' with his only daughter! muehehehe

The other huge changes is my life schedule especially on my sleeping-part.
I tell you, nowadays by 11pm automatically my bed is calling me. Sometimes to make it worst, 930pm I barely can't open my eyes.
Sighhh -__-"
and.........the worst-est part is when even in weekend, when I try hard to stay up like I used to do, I FAILED!
There you go my life.....

Other than that, I met new friends, lots of em.
But honestly, I'm more connected with the staff and I think must be the age's factor.
Some people who really close with me must know how much I hate to point out about MY AGE! hahaha

So, my life right now superb okay. Turn out my loan's figure hmm.. sigh I dont know where I should start and who to blame. The money is okay infact more than okay rasanya...

And I want to ask my readers, what do you think if I further my study to Master Level?
I did some survey and my true passion - Logistics is offer at UUM.
And please, I'll choose a coursework. I'll die if I choose to do a research!
I still studying about the silibus, the fee (of course), the sponsor, the duration, and its bring me to 'susah-hati' about my age when I settle everything.
Gosh, it scares to think when I'm gonna end up married considers until now I have no interested to involve in love a.k.a I AM STILL SINGLE.
Should I scared?

My parents and my brother would love to see me further but some of people around me advise to work first.
I don't know.... I don't know...

Whatever it is, I can't wait to finish my internship which is on July (yesssssssss,,that looooooong) and insyaallah the graduation is on October and I hope by that time I'll employed by any organization!

and I hope I can update this blog as many as I can! hehehe

Till then, wish me all the best luck in the world! ;)


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