Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank You

thank you is the easiest thing to do when someone do nice thing to u.
just two words, and that people will feel appreciated!
but we often forget to say those simple thing!

ive been thinking to update about one this sweet thing that ever happened to me this semester.
okay and i did it now since i cant sleep due to my caffeine level is so high right now! hehehe

few weeks back (cant remember the date), we had one seminar of Pemantapan Kendiri (god knew what Kendiri mean. hehe)
they been talked about this one motivator that been featured in TV and newspapers and magazine and so on..
but i cant recall any picture when they mention his name..
so, as a normal person that had been forced to go to this event in the end of the semester when u have to finish your last minute assignment, i keep on whined about this event!
i planned to just ponteng, but my girls so good to be my angels and keep saying "Kak Sha, kena pegi! Jom la!"

so, I decide to be a good student and just attend the seminar thing.
but I bring my laptop and wish that i can finish my proposal during the seminar.
i would said this -- "Boleh lah sangat kan!!" (mata kat atas, tangan kat bahu!) bahahaha
during the opening speech, I still keep on complaint - "Why in the world they choose this place? Why cant we go to the auditorium because they have very empuk chair? Why? Why?"
and the girls again keep telling me, "Sebab tak nak kita tido kot!" ---> good answer kawanku!!! huehuehue

Our motivater name Othman Affan!
he told me that he been featured at RTM (mostly) but unfortunately around 6.15am!
i told you guys,seriously I never been that happier for such a long time.
he was soooooooooo hilarious and damn funny! 
click HERE and find lots about his company there!

this is us (night session)
look at me, so behave and sopan (kekekeke) wore baju kurung while others wore jeans!

this is Othman Affan.
he is sooo good!
god bless him! :')

so, one of the activities he wanted us to do is to say thank you to 4 person in that room.
he gave several paper to write on and passed to 4 person (2 boys and 2 girls!)
so, when the pass-moment the situation a lil bit chaos hehe
and surprisingly i got 10 paper back for thank you noted!

here's i snap the cards. so sweet of u guys!

This one is from Port Dance!
my good friend/brother since semester 1
thank you to you too Dance!
im going to miss u!!! :')

This one from one of lovely girl i ever met! Nadia!
She thanked me because of pizza several times back!
thanks Nadia! u being with me when I need someone to comfort me!
thanks sooooooo much! Xo :')

and this one from Nadia's best friend - Fatin!
hehe she thanked for a t-shirt I gave her few days back! haha
thanks Fatin for being with me!
i love you, remember that! :')

This from Normah!
Roommate Nadia & Fatin!
Baik sangat-sangat! Been helping me a lot!
Thanks a lot Normah for being such a good friend to me! :')

This card from my good brother here, Zaher!
aah, just looked at the ucapan itself! :')
Thanks Zaher for being a good friend and brother to me!
and I know YOU going to miss ME A LOT! 

and this simple wish is from Epul!
yes, Epul I know!
YOU going to MISS ME too! 
*thanks for being my friend and brother too! :')*

ok, look at this hideous hand-writing!
alololo Daniella, if u have a very bad hand-writing but also an excellent kepala otak, who cares kan?
hehehe thanks Daniella for being next to me and teach me like a mad person! lol
he is my TUTOR!!! and good friend! 
and yes, HE going to MISS ME too! 

ok, this one was unexpected!
i received from BOBoi!
he just said to me - "tak sempat nak tulis sebab apa but thanks sebab arrange kelas dengan baik sekali!"
and im wondering since when i become Cikgu Kelas!
btw, thanks BOBoi!!!

this one from my housemate (also a good cooker!) - Sally!
thanks Sally for feeding me such a brilliant foods/meals!
u such a good friend! Xo

i should choose the best wish isnt it?
this come from this sweet guy, good brother and close friend too.
i know im going to miss him once our internship start!
and look at his wish!
sooooooo cute!

cant see?

he wrote :

"Ksya . Tq krn senyum"

hehe that one from my Sarawakian brother - Rozaini!
Thanks Zaini, for smiling back to me, everytime I smile at you!
be good while internship okayyy?
i'll find you when i go visit Sarawak! ok?

aahhhh,,im going to miss all my course-mates! sobs sobs

thank you readers for reading this entry! :)

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Ekmi Rabat said...

wah.. touching nya. especially yang tq krn senyum tuh. mmg terharu