Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodbye Terengganu.


this is a quick post, a goodbye post, a sad post, a sakit pinggang post!

if u guys still remember i did post this ENTRY when i first enter Terengganu

and today, after about 2 years and a half, im leaving Terengganu for good.

ahh, too many good memories here! tooooooo many!

meeting good people,
bad people,
they make me smile, laugh, etc.

feeling like just yesterday i quit from VADS and choose to be a maritime student
and now one step ahead to end this.

so, im gonna start my internship at new place on 29th!
im going home tonight and for god sake i hate packing very much!
im almost done, just left 2 boxes more to sumbat inside Dini's car.

and even i cant wait to meet abah,
i am soooo sad to left this beautiful place!!

Terengganu, u've been soooo good to me.
im gonna miss everything about you!


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