Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bestie's Birthday

assalamualaikum and good day!

a week + after im on holiday,
the time i had with my family members such a bliss!
im gonna start my internship next Sunday! :)

for this entry, im gonna update about my bestie's birthday!
two of my bestie celebrate their birthday on 17/1/2012 ; Nadia & Athirah
while Athirah far far away at Langkawi (happy birthday to my best friend!) , we managed to steal some times to plan for a surprise celebration at NR Cafe.
that was our last night lepaking together *tears*
thanks Aiman for helping us out for this surprise-'party'.
thanks Fatin for bought that delicious cake. i forgot to pay my part hehe later i call u!

so, lets enjoy the pictures [and im missing them so much! :') ]

 not ready

 ok, ready but where is Apang?

 all ready especially Daniella hehe but ZAHER, kau kenapa?

the cake

 the birthday girl


mimie (redshirt) is Nadia's friend from Unisza

happy birtday my dear
thanks for being someone that i can lean on when i need someone to put me strong
i know that terrible thing that happend to u on ur birthday is hard to forget, but i wish all the best in the world for you, wherever you are :')

and to Aiman, sorry that there are no pictures of u during this event!
so bad! (tepuk dahi!)
im missing u too! :'(

and this,
dear Lord, please take care of this two creatures ;)
they gonna do the internship together and only god know what going happen to their place!

wish me luck guys!

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