Monday, December 12, 2011


"I will always maintain that the best moments are the ones that display how much they care about each other (which is also why I loved the ending, more on that in a bit). 
And it was clear, once again, that they cared deeply for their friend, no matter how far-fetched or unreasonably her "pole-vaulting dreams" had been."

 Marshall, Lily, Ted, Barney, Robin
i never told anybody but i always imagine 'our' story same as them.

past few weeks, (maybe from the start for this final semester) had been rough time for me,

every-time i watched HIMYM, i asked myself 

"what happened to US?"
"why this is happening?" 
"is this my fault?"
"why everyone seems like doing their own thing by their own way?"
"why i felt this way?"
"why im crying just because the stupid Chicken Dance from New Girl series?"
"why im sobbed so easy nowadays??"
"why i care for this stupid, wasted stuff too much??" 
maybe for other questions i dont have the answers but for the last one, i definitely know why. 
...because i care about them. 
because i love them. 
because they are my idiots.
because we used to have the best moments together.

trust me,
i tried beyond my willingness to accept all the changes
but im human too.
normal human.

p/s : i hope i'll be just fine. insyaallah.  


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