Monday, November 7, 2011

Aidiladha 2011


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha semua!
So glad to be back home and celebrate with all my siblings and families!
As i remember for last year Aidiladha, for the first time in my life, I beraya without family and was at Terengganu with Aiman & Tihin.

So, how ur raya peeps?
Me? I turn to baby-mama lah raya kali ni.
See, i have two nephew, baby lagi, xleh must have someone to babysit them!
And the person paling layak adalah SAYA! hahaha

First raya, we did akikah for Imtiyaaz, tp buat kat surau jek!
And again, im the babies-mama hahaha
So, my raya probably to be around with this heroes.

That's Imtiyaaz (baring) and Ammar (meniarap)

Disebabkan lil Imtiyaaz beast feeding, its hard for me to calm him down when he cried.
So, when his mama downstairs helping makciks, bila dia tak tido and senyum sambil mengeluarkan dia punya dimples yg cumel nak mampos tu, dia akan sebegini :

and when i make silly face he'll be silent and im thank god even when he just stay cute like this! hahaha :


one boy weight 10kilos soooooo excited exploring anything that he can bite around the surau!
i cant control him as i have to make sure lil Imtiyaaz tak nanges so i called one girl to just look at him!

there are more pictures of the damages he caused, but i tak larat nak upload dh!
he is so handsome even with gigi atas dia yg jarang tu! HAHAHA

around 2 o'clock, we bring Imtiyaaz for his marhaban.
well, we do expect he will cry sbb dia maybe akan terkejut bila orang2 marhaban tu sampai note tinggi!

and yes, he did! ;P

di sebabkan makan pukul 2 am, we are so starving!

bila habis semua majlis, sumpah penat nak mampos BUT 
malamnya we all kena balik kampung!

and that was my first raya!
how about ur raya?


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