Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Kiss

i have no idea what Daniella really prayed for me during his visit to Mecca recently.
i jokingly told him last semester, "doakan kat Kak Sha moga jumpa jodoh" while laughing.
i did send him a sms wishing him to take care and good luck. not to remembered him to pray that one for me. :P

since i got back for a new semester, i feel something different.
i feel something good.
i feel loose.
i feel comfortable.
i feel relax.
and the most surprised thing is my level of patient is unbelievable!

one night, we lepaking while had drink at Kopitiam, Daniella was so mess with his problem.
he had difficult time and we tried to console him.
there, he told us that he prayed for me more than he prayed to himself.
i am flattered, touched to hear that.
thank you Daniella, you are such a good friend. a good brother to me ;)

i didnt exactly said that my changes have everything to do with Daniella prayed,
and please, im still not meeting my so-called Mr Right! bluerghhh..
but seriously this semester, i feel much much better. much much ease!
spent the last semester with my idiots, Daniella, coursemates and everybody here at Terengganu just makes me realize - i just want to have a good moments with them. if that required me to back off, i'll do. :)

so, lets stay positive peeps. and enjoice our lives!

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seems like im so over you.
wishing all the best in the world for u! *loves and hugs*

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