Monday, October 3, 2011

Best Friend Forever

mungkin, aku tak pernah tunjuk berapa banyak aku sayang kat kau,
sebab kita bukan jenis macam tu.

mungkin aku pernah bgtahu kau, rindunya aku kat kau sebab dah lama tak jumpa,
tapi mungkin jugak kau tak pernah sedar atau perasan bila aku cuba nak bgtahu.

our friendship is different from others,
so much different that i have no words to describe how much i appreciate this,
u'll be there everytime i need one,
u'll be there when i sobs so hard,
u tell me all the words that i can get up and moves on.

i miss you.
i want to grow old and still be ur bestie.
i want our kids have a playdates and we are smiling looking at em.

u r my best friend forever,
even we are apart.



Khuzrin Kamarudin said...

BFF... kena ada cincin macam Spongebob ngan patrick.. hehehe...

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

Khuzrin - such a cutie! xoxo