Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ain dan lagu manisnya semanis gula-gula.

being away from our family never been easy.
even i have a super-best friends and tremendous life here, top of that i must be missing my family for every second of my life.
every night i must looked back all the pictures in my mobile.
and i'll make sure at least once in two days i'll call my parents even it hard for me to do that esp on weekdays.

in my family, i am famously known as penakut, and tak tahan sakit.
and no surprise there when i actually was soooooo scared when any women talked about giving birth (read : normal way)
and thanked to my first SIL, she actually told me every inch of the pain she felt during her first child was born.

i once told some of my siblings that i rather go to private hospital and have a c-sec (ye, budget banyak duit or dapat suami kaya! hahaha but if my husband refuse i plan it by myself lah! HAHAHA)
and the siblings that i told punya pandai, they told my mom and mother was like :

"Ishhh (high tone), apa cakap macam tu??? (higher tone)" (sambil menjegilkan matanya)

 heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ---> tu je la mampu buat kat mak!

i like kids, no deny on that
and kids like me me too. huehuehue
my baby bro once told me that im so good in babysitting the baby esp when i have to get them in sleep mode when we traveling. *ehem*
but i always have this evil-monolog inside me saying that raising ur own kids not gonna be the same like u babysit other person's baby.
i mean the tiredness, the attitude of the kids, for god sake, u are raising one human being!

okay, i think i am so so overreacted!

but of course, i am still a lady that think being traditional is cool.
i mean, i am scared but of course when the time comes, the love,affection is going to be different. (right??)
i know! >.<"
i want a family, one happy-bising with kids-family. 
in fact, i want TWINS. they are adorable!
ok, terlebey pulakkk..

ok, tengok aku dh merepek.
actually i want to write about my first anak sedara, Ain which is four years old this year.
when i called Abah or Mak or anybody lah and she have that mood (mcm royal ha!) to talk and giggle with me, we both gonna end our conversation like this :

Me : Kirim salam dekat Wan, Tok, Ummi, Teh Teh, Nenek, Tok Ngah, Long Ti

Ain : OK

Me : Bukan OK, insyaallah!

Ain : Insyaallah. hehe

Me : Pastu p sayang Adik, cakap kat Adik, Mak Lang saaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaang Adik. Tau!

Ain : *senyap*

Me : Ya, Mak Lang pun saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnggggg Ain! 
(have to be more than her brother, more than anyone in the list!)

Ain : Hehe okey.

Me : Okeyyyyyyyyy

Ain : Okey. Eh! Eh! Sat! Satttt!

*and she gonna sing this song to me!* :')

it just she gonna changed the "Adik" to Kakak"- "Ayah" to "Wan" - "Ummi" to "Tok" and "Kakak" to "Mak Lang"
its the sweetest thing ever!
and could brighten the rest of my day. :D

told ya, kids like me!

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