Monday, September 5, 2011

Raya story and more...

mother always said

"biarlah orang buat tak baik kat kita, tapi jangan kita balas benda yg sama dekat orang tu."

or in a harsh words i can say that, when somebody become stupid, idiot enough to treat us like we are nobody, dont fall into the same level of stupid or idiot like them.

in the other note,

my raya was awesomeeee (will be post some pictures soon.)

especially on the first day of raya.

despite of my 4 pasang baju raya, i am happy that lotsa people came over to my home.
i was like "i have to make my home chaos" because both of my brothers beraya at their wife side.
ahhh, i was imagined that my mother will cry during the raya day,
and it happened, i think twice.
during takbir and when my 2nd bro called to wish Selamat Hari Raya.
but thank god, when so many people came over, she looks happy.

i am happy too
i met Athirah after so long, and some of my primary school's friends also came.
i am soooo happy

at the end of the day, i cant hold my tears.

u know, i always heard people said

"kawan waktu senang senang di cari berbanding kawan waktu susah"

i know thats hard and hurt but i never know the real feeling until i felt it by myself.
i dont have words for what i feel,
its shattering my heart, its WORST!
even until today if i see anything related to that friend, i would cry straight away
i just need more time to be more realistic and build my ego to face this issue.

i hope that i can stop think about this,

p/s : btw, mother cooked Bihun Sup on the first day. and mother said that she boiled 6 packs of bihun. yeppp,its damn delicious! 



nn said...

i totally agree with your mother.

i had actually told a good friend of mine the exact same thing once and it's regarding a friendship gone sour.

at first, i wanna be bitter about it and start planning on a sweet revenge but the better side of me (which will only show up once in a blue moon) stop me from doing it.

like you've said, we must not fall to the same level of stupidity.

some 'friends' can really get on our nerves.

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

@ nn

thanks for ur words.
its hard just to forget everything nice between us even how bad that friend treat me.

but i'll get through this.
i know i can :')

thanks again dear. Xoxo