Friday, September 30, 2011

Archie Jack Wilshere

he is 19 and he is a father.

yes, it was our Jack Wilshere.

he posted this at his twitter account and seriously when people started to talk about this, i thought it was a JOKE. i thought it was his nephew -___-'

but after 6 hours, he posted this i cant lie to myself and yes our Jack is already a father!

cute little baby.....both of u!!! huehuehue
so, this is the first child for our 19 years old midfielder and his girlfriend Lauren Neal, 22. 
if im not mistaken they've been dating for 3 years +.

this picture is from HERE

congratulations Jack for the arrival of ur baby boy, Archie Jack Wilshere.
i know u'll be such a good daddy since u r so concern on Jack Marshall.

still shocked!

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