Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadhan and me. hmmm..


so, this is my first post since Ramadhan started.
being so excited to post a new post every day and end up i did nothing.

so, how ur Ramadhan so far?
how much money u guys waste on Bazaar Ramadhan?

hahaha i think this is worst of every-part-of-me to face Ramadhan so far.
seriously, all i know to do and became a master is SLEEPING.
i cant remember when the last Ramdhan that i spent whole month at home.
after this, i seriously can let myself stay at home doing nothing during fasting month.
i should not be at home during fasting month.

i will sleep after Subuh (i know most of u did that too)
and will woke up around 8+ (or moreeeeeeeeee!!)
bath, cuddling with Ammar, then felt soooooooooo tired and get back to sleep after Zohor,
and all i know i will get big headache because i woke up only few minutes before 6am.

yes, i dont cook. or if lucky enough mother let me handle one meal.
like today, she let me cook "sotong goreng tepung versi MasterChef Aussie"


what happend to me huh?
i used to alert if the minyak masak habis, beras habis, bawang habis, bla bla bla
but now, when mother asked if we need anything from the store, i will answer "TAK TAHU!"

but i love weekend,
most of family members will be at home and i will feel so much like "kekeluargaan"

and dont even start on SAHUR.
oh my god, what really gonna happened with me when i have my own family..
am i going to give up on maid? (eceh,,,mcm la nak upah maid ye? hehehehehe............................)

so,the first week of Ramadhan was an excited week because lil Faiz Imtiyaaz at our home.
so, rumah tak la sunyi (like now especially during days)

here some pics of him i took, time sahur ni..
he has a very cute original dimple for both side okay.

and one more pics with Abang Ammar COOL betul before Imtiyaaz going his home.

*told ya, look at Ammar..same experession...hahahaha*


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