Monday, August 15, 2011

changes. how much we can accept em?

i hate changes.
i used to be like paranoid to anything that going to change in my life.
im moody and mad and maybe a lil horror to be near.

i hate when someone left me.
i hate when i have to move to another level in my life.
i hate when i have to say goodbye to anyone that been closed in my life.
i hate when some people just change when u dont want them to change.
yes, i hate when we all have to move on..........


so, now from level 1 to 10 how spoiled i am with my so-overrated feeling?
maybe 11, kan?


sometimes, there are just things that we can changed it, but we dont want it to changed. (grammar?)

like one habit of my father.
after he done Asar prayer (before fasting season) , he will make his own coffee.
and usually he'll forget to put the sugar case back to where it belong.
at first, seriously i felt annoying and i keep bebel "abah ni, pasaipa tak letak balik kat tempat dia?"

but after a month,
its become normal and when i look at that sugar case before 430pm, i just smiled.
i smiled because this is my father.
if he dont do that, i feel like my circle of that day didnt complete!


second thing that i think never going to change and all of us just redha with it - my MAKTEH family
its a lil menyampah at first to deal with them,
its not menyampah lah, its like "ish, pasaipa lambat lagi ni?"
its not hate, we love em

with them, we always have to wait,
we always know that we have never expected anything,
with them, we have to be more and more patient.
and with them, i know that i might get involve in this situation -

its 730pm and u have like 7 minutes more to break fast.
and ur mother asked u to send some food to Makteh.
and it will end up, u heard Azan while u rempit.

yes, ive been there already for this Ramadhan

i'll be serabut but then i'll smile.
because i know deep deep inside me, i'll say OK!
ok if they never change.

because certain things just good to stay like they are.


now, how bad am i?


myra yusreena said...

i hate to say gudbye..hoho

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

yeah, hate that too..
but in live, everything changes my dear! ;)