Monday, August 15, 2011

4th birthday

so, on 13th Ain was 4th year old.
the celebration all unplanned because a day before she was at her mom hometown.
so i thought that they will back at night which is of course she celebrated it there.
but they are home before berbuka, and i remember she keep asking me - "kek Ain lepas dah ka?"
she actually asked me either her birthday passed already. this is because after my cousin, Qistina (same age with her) celebrated it on 1st August.
i think she keep asked me about her 'cake' for few days,
so, even i am the one that been like evil with her, who will let little girl dont have any celebration on her birthday when she want one?

i called Apat to buy one cake.
he try to find cartoon decoration but he couldnt find one.
beside, this is last minute plan

but, its better than takde kan?

chocolate cake
its wonderful delicious

she was so so so happy
*seriously happy and that was priceless*
cant wait to blew the candle ;)

smile the whole night

with her handsome brother, Ammar

dear my lil evil, Ain
wish u all the best
and stop buat perangai mengada-ngada tu
i love u


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