Friday, July 29, 2011


remember i have one little brother? well, he is not so little lah. he is 18 this year, but he the bongsu one!
he right now persue his study at Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis (KMP)
i have submitted one special entry about him entering his so-next level.

i remember when he got the offer of the matriculation, the percent that he willing to go is only 0.1%.
yes, seriously!
my brothers and I struggling convincing him,not forcing him - u should go to matric lah. one year only then proceed to degree.
he started to give millions reasons on "WHY HE DOESNT BELONG TO MATRICULATION."
he said that he not good enough in English lah, he scared of Account lah, the duration of one year is too short lah, he scared that he kena tendang lah, bla bla bla bla....
well, he clever enough to think that his life will be much much better if he proceed to diploma or STPM.
this is might on his friend's influence because from all of his friends that got the offer, only him decided to go (or he keep feeling that we forced him to!)
when we asked him about his form or anything related to his registration, he will suddenly 'hidung kembang' and will mad to all of us. (buat perangai letteww)
even when we want to go for shopping for his stuff, keep giving excuses and buat muka when we want to buy kemeja for him!
im in the level of 'serik' to go shopping with him!


thats the story BEFORE he enter to KMP.

but now AFTER, guess what. he never come back for sleep over since the the first day we left him there!
yeah, thats true!
and the worst part is everytime we want to visit him, OMG he is one BUSY-MAN.
my father will call him like 10 times to conform what time exactly we can meet him.
i keep telling father, "sibuk kalah menteri!"
it become annoying and annoying.

like today,
we asked him to come back since my 2nd brother will do some kenduri kesyukuran for his new-born tomorrow.
(and surprise here, he never meet Faiz Imtiyaaz yet.)
and beside that, Monday will be the 1st Ramadhan.
hah, he told father that he has some programme today and also Monday.
what a coincidence!
latest call he made just now to conform that we can meet him at 6pm!
see, the Menteri himself call for an appointment with his family.
i feel sick to hear the word programme tau!

so, brother, SIL and i will visit him today.
maybe after i finish post this entry!
father have something to do and he said he didnt miss Fahmi, just to see him before his exam next week.
and i was like "ya lah tu, abah! lalalalala!"
and he said "rindu sikit2 ja, tak pa lah!"


meanwhile, lets enjoy some pictures two weeks ago.
father, mother, Ain and I went to KMP because he is one durian-freak.
the parents remember the kid but the kid tak ingat nak balik rumah! LOL
we doing some durian feast with his friends.
its so nice to see some boys to eat all the durians.
no kidding here, 2 besen durian okay!

we also have rambutan & langsat!

tu diaaaa,,, orang sibuk!

he is so lucky because we only live nearby,
bukan mcm i! nun jauh di terengganu.. angkut beg sana sini! sobs!

i always told father, imagine if we study far far away from him and maybe some of our friend's parents will treat the same to us! so keep giving father! ;P


on the other note to the busiest man alive tu, i wish u all the best my dear for ur 1st exam as very very teenager now!
i hope u can make father and mother proud of u!
we all miss u of course especially the hidung kembang! KAHKAHKAH

i remember i laugh when he asked me "macam mana kalau aku dapat 3.4 saja?"
oh my Fahmi! very the GLEEK!

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