Monday, July 25, 2011

he graduated with Pengajian Tahfiz and im inspired.


Ahad minggu lepas, my dear cousin graduated.
dia belajar kat Kolej Universiti Insaniah,Alor Star.
and dia dh pun tamat belajar di peringkat diploma for Pengajian Tahfiz.
we all so so proud of him. alhamdulillah.
i know he can do this and finally the day comes. :)
he will further his study in the same course in degree level, starting next semester.
i wish u all the best! again, im so proud of u that u succeed in this study!

i pegi dengan father and ain.
i wore baju kurung okay and tudung of course labuh sedikit! ;P
so, here the pictures. Xo

looking at his success, i know that nothing impossible in this world for u to achieve,
we talking about pengajian tahfiz ok. hafaz al-quran.
father said to me, if he can berjaya with this tahfiz that everybody aware how difficult it is, how can we (referring to me lah of course!) cannot berjaya too?
yeah, of course what father said is all true.
and for me, takde benda yg senang dalam dunia ni.
even kau rasa dia tu ambik course paling senang pun, kau takkan tahu senang or susah sebab bukan kau kat tempat dia.

maritime study one hell of VERY SUSAH course ok!

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