Saturday, March 12, 2011

i would appreciated cursing in English, please.

currently, 237am

outside the room, lend Mekda & Dini's lappie for downloading the video for our documentary.
i wish i am a creative person, i wish im a very good in doing this kinda of work. but unfortunately im too far away from that creative word.

thats why i let my dear Epul doing all the documentary thing and i told him "u can ask me do anything but not editing the video."

his soul into sort of this stuff. he is damn creative, it just since we've been in like hell week last week and this coming week, i realize that he is tired. plus his grandad is sick at Singapore. sigh, i wish i can help u reduce all the tense! :( i'll pray for u, for sure! xoxo

hehe that why lah i used 3 lappie in doing my work tonite. hihi struggling my ass out to download as much as i can for tomorrow.

hopefully tomorrow is our last day editing before sufmit to Nadia and other script writers. and we must masukkan narration before we go to Penang. who is the narrator? me, me, me, hihi


11/3/2011, Aiman, Zaher & I went to KT for lots of thing. even masing2 poket kosong but for some reason we have to go there!

first obvious reason, i have to buy tickets for Betty & Mimi to Kedah.
second - PC Fair!
third - Aiman bought his so foods stock! hahaha
and fourth and fifth, much for our leisure but so not leisure time lah!

ok, some pics!

he bantai all the free samples at Mydin! pelahap!

seriously, at RM 1.35, u can get this delicious sundae! so damn delicious! right Aiman???

urghh, so many people!

ok, i love this most! hahaha

guess what? they are watching Avatar! haha

okay, all the pic below is my new habit while they capturing me. 
so not cool!
look at my eyes!
why lah tertutup???


btw, im trying to avoid from cursing anybody here, at my blog.
trying ok. its different from promise.
and i found that, its more sopan if i curse in english even it hurts to read people curse u in malay, of course!
and even my english is not that good. maybe its hard for people to understand! lols!

well, i couldnt even care what i read because i really really dont have to bother, at all.
if im feeling guilty, i apologized. if im not, im not. thats my way.
and if im hurt, i rather be alone. im not even go at Zaher, Epul or even my teman-makan-ais krim-depan-7e-, Aiman. 
usually three of them will have to face when i 'geram yg amat, tuhan saja tahu' phase.
they make me laugh, they keep me cool, they ask me to do "buat tak peduli sudah"
BUT i never CRY in front of them.
ok, maybe once depan Zaher & Aiman. itupun not nanges teresak-esak.

aaahhhhhhhh,, tired isnt it?

i have tons of works. and finally i berjaya get the date for our trip.
and the Penang Port person said that my voice gonna turn to cry thats why he lets us go next week.
hahaha, sumpah! im not doing that cry-voice. it just that day im unwell. hahaha
Daniel and Epul laugh when i told them! they said "pandai kau menipu!" lol! im not lah!

i really hope our trip going just fine and well. 
im sick of cancelling itu dan ini. 
and paling benci cancel last minute.

pray for our trip peeps. 
semoga semuanya berjalan lancar!!!

going to meet Abah too! x) 

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