Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marcia Cross with her sweet-cute-pie twins

Marcia Cross with her adorable twin-daughter, Savannah and Eden.

sweet isn't it?

im suffering my rare-period pain since Thursday. 
when im at home, im just trying so hard to get some sleep because im only didnt feel any pain when im sleeping. 
when im with they guys, im trying so hard to eat some rice while hoping im not going to throw up afterwards.

SO, my first paragraph not really related with all those sweet pictures. 
but while im browsing into some Hollywood blog because i hardly get to be sleepy nowadays, i found this adorable pictures.
im not into gardening as much as i love these pictures.
but one day if my daughter ask me to do such thing, i wouldnt say no. :) 

but of course if i do so, no paparazzi will capture us. her daddy perhaps. hihihi
(what??? my birthday is coming soon, u know?)


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