Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i was there many many years ago,
when u ask me about that man.
and i clearly told u that i dont like him. i hate him.
i am ur best friend since we are little kid.
but im just ur best friend,
u didnt listen even a bit.

i was on the bus,
going back to my hometown when u suddenly called me and cried
telling me that u dont want to get engage
i told u, dont do it.
i dont know how, but a week after that u finally got engaged.
and i wasnt there.

i was there,
when i saw ur man with other woman.
i keep my mouth shut about for more than 3 months.
because i was scared.

i was there,
when u forced me to tell the truth,
when u clearly told me, dont surprise if u turn to young-widow soon.
when u hardly told me that the woman already inform u and u just want to hear it from my mouth.
i am clueless.
i tried to tell u everything just positive thing even i just know nothing but just his badassjerk thing
because on that time ur solemnization only 2 weeks left.
i am only 23 year old girl just graduated and know nothing about falling in love.

i was there,
on ur wedding day,
when ur face is not like usual bride.
u are not happy, ur face not represent even a really fine bride. not even close.

i was there,
when u on your lowest point,
u cried like u gonna died tomorrow.
its 3am and u still crying like little kid who her mom refuse to buy a lollipop to her.

i was there,
when u refuse to go to work which u definitely have to go.
when u just lay down at ur bed like mayat hidup.
when i have to lift your standing when u refuse to, because u only good to cry!

i was there,
when u just knew nothing to do but just blabbing about ur man.
when u just cried when u know nothing to do.
when u realize he still seeing that woman.
and u cried again and again.


i wasn't there when the chaos happened at ur home
when u turn back everybody who make lots of sacrifice to u
and guess what, im glad i wasn't there.
i am so mad at u!
like really really really mad.
i love u, but thats it!
thats it!
im sick of giving all those nice words
im sick of everything!

i miss you

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