Tuesday, January 4, 2011

differ, and i know it will never change

u know what,
i try harder,
to feel how exactly to totally falling in love.

i thought, with you i learn it, i feel it.

(yes, there are always 'but')

i know u well,
i know u more than anybody know u,
thats why i believe and very confident,
that we will never get along as a lover,
we are better as a friend. a good one. a best friend forever.
we are so good and excellent in team when we are just a friend.

i like football, but u dont
i like english song, but u dont
i like western stuff, but u never love em
i like red, but u hate red

i love u, always love u
and i will always recognize that feeling only as crush
it always easy to consider it that way

i know u will always there when i need u.
because u are my friend.
my dear friend.



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