Friday, December 24, 2010

a confession that never cross in my mind, ever!

confession : i miss u.

this is so rare and freaking-weird.
for past few days i keep open ur facebook account.
for what?
i dont know.
i dont want to look at ur profile pic which is so freaking-charming.
i dont want to look at ur status or whatever!
i dont have any desire to stalk at ur page!
i just dont know!

with that i feel like u are near with me.

*yes, call me psycho-freak*

i know i should stop.
feeling like stupido.
when u in front of me, im so good in ignoring u.
when u look at me, i totally cant look back.
when u smile at me, sighhh u just make this worst!
its melting! its too much!
my hearts stop beating.

gosh, i slap my cheeks many times.
and keep telling myself THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!

this is just so CRAZY.


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