Sunday, December 5, 2010

awesome, hopefully :)


its been a while.
line celcom kat rumah memang langsung tak boleh harap. langsung tak bekerjasama :(
i never like celcom, even my favorite no is 9 [ok, xde kaitan]
nasib baik asyraf punya broadband he use Digi,
wah, line mcm 3G kat Terengganu. seriously!

hari ni cukup 6 hari i balik cuti and its an AWESOME holiday, at least until now lah,
entah lah, maybe sbb dah lama x balik,
my mom behave , cewahhh, no actually i yg behave.
tak la keluar sangat, just g kenduri dengan Kak Cik jek.

and btw, last Dec 1st we celebrated my mom's birthday.
mula2 just nak makan kek jek. but then my mom nak buat nasi daging pulak.
so alang2 panggil lah all her friends.
its a meriah celebration, makan2, gossiping hehehe

then, esoknya Kak Lin buat mee jawa.
it looks like mee rebus, but seriously, sedap terangkat weh
im not really into mee, but this time, perghhh i cant tahan wehh :)

what more good this time, i feel like i want to spend my holiday like really really holiday.
free from everything. books, notes, problems..
but of course i need to fine my research topic and i have no idea what im gonna do :(
and kalo dulu, every cuti i must rindu terengganu like first week of my holiday.
its not like i tak rindu langsung, i remember of course to 1,2,3,4 hihi
esp when we spend a LOT time at our dearest library hihi :D

more to do in my holiday-list
i really looking forward to 'fly' to Penang to meet my girls.
oh, i miss them so much esp Kak Miza & Aina.
but have to look at my kewangan dulu lah :(
maybe for some weekend pn cukup lah kan
i never miss visiting them everytime cuti semester.

ok, next for uploading some photo.

im blessed with all stuff around me x)

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