Saturday, October 30, 2010

tagged is fun kan?

1. name one person who made you laugh last night.
its more than 1. of course when we had our supper. Zaher, Epul, Tihin, Abg Long, Ali and Jemi. gila duduk ngan korang!!!! haha

2. what were you doing 1 hour ago?
made my bfast, roti bakar planta bergula. suma Kopitiam punya pasal, aku dh addicted kot.

3. what was the last thing you said out loud?

4. where's the next place you're going to go.
im gonna spend whole day in my small room finish my damn assignment. maybe to get some lunch only.

5. what was the last thing you paid for?
my supper at Siang Malam restaurant. RM 4.30

6. where were you last night?
Siang Malam Restaurant, Terengganu. SUPPER sebab tensi ngan ASSignment

7. what's the best ice cream flavor?
originally chocolate BR

8. do you wanna cut your hair?
of course. i cant simpan rambut panjang lama2. RIMAS!

9. do you love to melatah?
of course NO. tp kadang2 terlepas jugak! =(

10. if that so (melatah), what will you said out loud?
oh, mak aku jatuh tergolek !!!! [kesian mak aku!]

11. what does the last text message you receive say?
Jadah. ni ade Jemi ngan Ali.tbe2 nak ikut. - from Epul [respond when i said we are pemalu to enter the restaurant without them]

12. will you get married in future?
of course la. nabi x ngaku umat tau kalo x kahwin. it just the matter of time, either you completely ready or not! heh

13. do you chew on your straw?
NO. zaher je buat keja mcm tu.

14. do you make up you own words?
sure la. everybody did that esp bila nk bergossip! kan?

15. is there anyone you like / love right now?
oh, cepucemas soalan ye.
like : perhaps YES. sort of crush je. not more than that.
love : NO... not yet.

16. tag to others 5 bloggers.
a. tihin
b. aiman
c. fatin
d. nadia
e. anyone who read this.

wah kau, keja datin belum siap, rajin lak naip natang ni!

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