Thursday, September 23, 2010


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i found one interesting article at MSN Life & Style
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Don't rush into a relationship if your heart hasn't healed yet,
Before you date again, make sure your heart is whole

If you have come out of a long term relationship, the thought of dating again can be a daunting thought. You need to make sure that you look over the past relationship, work out what you can learn from it and do some soul searching. Use what you learn to fall in love again.

Follow these five steps to heal that broken heart.

Lesson no 1 : Scrutinize

Look into what went wrong and how to learn and grow from it.
By acknowledging the mistakes you can move forward and upward.

Lesson no 2 : Be responsible

Be responsible for your part in the breakup.
Even if you didn’t end it or he cheated, you had a role to play.
Don’t point the finger and blame as it manifests resentment which you will carry with you.

Lesson no 3 : Let go

The only way to be able to fall in love again is to fully let go of what happened and your ex.
Make sure you let go of negative feelings.

Lesson no 4 : Renew you

Be the best that you can be and concentrate on the strengths you have.
Create a plan to fill in what’s missing or needs developing so that you can be the best datable version of yourself.

Lesson no 5 : Deserving

Realise that no matter what happened in the past, you deserve love, just like anybody else.

its such a nice advise, isnt it?


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