Wednesday, July 7, 2010


watching my best friends crying like a crazy woman make my heart fall into pieces,
i wish i know the best words to comfort her which is im always good at it..
the problem why i cant throw all the best words to her because she is married

to advise married people vs unmarried people is different,
waayyyy too much different!

often, when my friends face the same problem --> their man have other women.
it hurts, i know..
i never felt it, and i hope i never have to feel it..ever..

dear man,
please take care of your woman,
especially when she become your wife,
dont hurt her, dont torture her,
we women is the most sensitive creature ever..

i speak based on what i saw,
i saw how many heart broken into so so many way,
how much women sacrifice when she loves the man of her life,
how she try to rebuild the relationship eventhough she already see it falling down,
how she try to smile when everything not okay,
how she call other person when she just cant hold her tears anymore,
and how she just ignore when she turn being so stupid just because a guy that she loved.

and what i upset is,
in the end of the day how much she mad at that guy,
she turn back to the man that always, always make her day like hell...

i always pray to find a guy that just can make me smile and happy everyday.
i dont need other else,
dont hunger for the money,
just happiness.....

i say it again ; now, i scared even to falling in love...

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