Sunday, June 13, 2010


i'll day..

and i'll never come back...

oh my ALLAH, give strength to me,

please let me meet some nice people in future..

and yes, i miss terengganu so bad this morning..


zaher, akak rindu nak dengar gelak cacat kamu..
epul, ksha rindu nak dengar epul wat lawak paling bodoh..
tihin, ksha rindu nak gossip ngan tihin then marah tihin pasal tettttt...
aeman, rindu nak dengar aeman citer masalah
nadia, rindu nak dengar nadia gaduh ngan zaher :)
fatin, rindu bila kamu gaduh ngan roommates, then kita spend masa sama2 byk sgt..
and the rest of my coursemate, i miss nak masuk class sama2 and i cant wait for our trip on october 1st

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