Friday, May 28, 2010


dah lama tak wat menda cam gini..
smlm tgk tihin wat, then check kat mye punya blog,
rupanya dia tag i jugak!
so, here we go..........

What is your full name?
Shatiroh bt Saad

When is your birthday?
March 27

What is your daddy's name?
Saad bin Ahmad
What is your mum's name?
Hamidah bt Hasan

How many siblings do you have?

Where do you live?
but I love Terengganu as I’m study there

Your favourite colour?
Im not sure..haha
I guess as long as look nice, I love it!

Still studying?

Do you have a bestfriend?

Do you love them?
yes,, so so much

Pop or jazz?

Chicken or beef?

Coke or 100 plus?
100 Plus

What brand is your purse?

How much do you have in your wallet right now?
Im not sure since its been too long I tgk wallet I haha

High heels or flat?
Both.. I guess for my study time is flat cz more comfortable
But when I work, I prefer heels..reason? Everybody wear that! hehe

Skirts or jeans?
I prefer jeans

Shirt or blouse?

Watch or bracelet?

Favorite watch's brand?
okay, seriously I don’t have a watch since my last birthday..
I’m not into watch..but if I have to choose the brand that I love the most is none other than Espirit

Do you have boyfriend?
NO, like seriously NO

Did you love him?

Did you ever kiss him?

Facebook or myspace?

What is your dreamS?
Graduated with 3.5 and above
Get a job at Terengganu hahaha
I wish I find a guy that can make me laugh every minute.. J

Please tagged other 10 friends of yours.


its a holiday and we are going to ROCK!!!!!!!hehe

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