Thursday, May 6, 2010

so much for breaking up


i am not the rite person to talk about relationship,
i am definitely very-truly-deeply suck if come into this matter, ---> if it its ME
i am so good on 'rejecting' people..
even my dad seems like a stalker when i talking to zaher on the phone,
[i think that day i talked about an hour with that kid!]
perhaps not believing that his only 'princess' maybe have a boyfriend
-- which is he is rite :'(
i like -- "abah, ini zaher je abah" [with a low-down tone]
---> i wish abah know why i said like that..


often, i am the reference for some of my friends to talk about their relationship, their romance, their break-up, and everything related to this case..
what i can say is either its happy or sober, i'll try my best to give the best 'shoulder' to lean on when they need it most.
i love to talk fierce to console them when they need to hear the best word --> usually this happened if 'they' is a girl..
and if 'they' is a boy, i should give them thousand reasons that look like everything going to be okay because they have me, they can trust to talk to me to feel okay - anytime, anywhere


i never ever feel this is burden thing for me..
okay, maybe some part of my hobby is gossiping kuikui
but i feel so pleasure if they come to me when they are heartbroken or even when they are so in love..

this evening, i got a call that inform me
one of our friend might breaking up with his gf
its like 90% to go into 'that'
i am shocked because i never saw it coming..
yes, they are quite low-profile couple
he is so sweet and she is such a graceful lady
i can see he is serious with 'she'
but im not sure about 'she'
because i am pretty close with 'he' but not 'she'..
but seriously, for me 'he' is soooo husband-material,
for me, 'he' is more than good for 'she'
i once said to 'he' 's face "i wish i can find a guy like you to be my husband"
'he' just smile, just like always when he confront me..
[please dont spread any rumors, i will never have any romantic feeling towards 'he', seriously, like never ever ever!]
so, poor 'she'...

but still,
Allah said "jodoh pertemuan, ajal di tangan tuhan..kita merancang, tuhan yang tentukan!"
i know 'he' can survive this,
u are too good to 'frust menonggeng' okay!
and i know he doesn't like [at all] to talk about this,
especially with me,
and i respect his 'wish' ngeheheheheh

remember what i said about glee??
as long as you happy, go ahead..

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