Tuesday, May 11, 2010

im aint strong, im a girl!

have you ever feel...

when you really find something that you really like,

something like -- this is me, this is what i want to do..

but then, you are not there,

you cant be there

and the other hand you felt

you are not belong to where you are supposed to be...

keep telling yourself, "this is okay!"

then still feel the same way...

you are sad, crying all alone in the dark,

hurt by every words that you hear

and everything you did, just not enough..

and the end of the day..keep telling yourself to be patient and patient..

but deep deep inside, it hurts so so much..

im just a girl.....


| al-fatihah to Kak Ina [my sis co-worker]. her dad passed away 8pm just now! |

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