Saturday, March 6, 2010

i'm sorry 'she'

it should be at least after a year..

but i don't think 'she' can make it..

'she' just recover from a disaster...

i'm not ready to replace 'her' yet.. [of course the 'pitih' reason]

gosh, maybe my bad when i dropped 'her' all the way from 2nd floor library!! [sorry very2 tak sengaja huhu]

and maybe 'she' sort of mad at me when i talk a lot about BB with cik tihin ^_^

i'm sorry if i hurt 'you'.. i love 'you'.. honestly, 'you' are really my love at first sight!!

who is she? jgn nak wat fitnah eh!! hehhehehe refer here

'she' mcm tahu2 my bday dah dekat huhuhuhu

**even konon mcm tak ready nak replace, i ngan di batu api kan oleh cik tihin dah survey2.. huhu cantiknya...

cantik x??
[cepat ckp cantik!!, dh termimpin2 nih...isk isk]

'she' - u'll always in my heart huhu
**still fikir the suitable time to do this**


NiSa said...

sha, blackberry punya pon cantek. ada promotion tgl 8 lebey je kalo dah gne line maxis. mcm sgt teruja nak dapatkan itu blackberry

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

a'a khani mmg nak kn, sha survey suma 1000+ but i totally falling in love with E63 =)