Monday, February 8, 2010



3-1 lost to theSetan?
2-0 lost to chelshit???

i am heartbroken..
people would said to me,,
"Apa kejadahnya nak sedey pasal bola?"
Shut up! some people just dont understand!!!
refer to this entri... which i posted in 2008...
i am so dissapointed to them when they lost on Champion League to Chelshit..
i remember one time, i think around 2007,
i seriously really sad when they lost to Chelshit [again!] in quarter final of CL..
it nearly bring me to tears..
yeah, i know it sounds so so so so stupid!!!!

usually if this happened....
of course i have to face all people who like 'just waiting the right time to humilating me'

oh, wenger..sometimes you should at least listen to other's opinion too
and to all the Gooners, of course we should have faith on the Gunners...
because whatever happened, i can't support other club..
it just,, right now.. [whooosahhhh.....] breathe in, breathe out...

*buh-bye BPL trophy?? should i say - dont ever dream on CL?? should i??

have to take early-long bath again in aeromatheraphy~~~

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