Thursday, February 4, 2010

i heart Lauren Conrad


just now, while i searching for perez hilton web [i wonder what's wrong with this web?]
i click link to popsugar.. then i realized my favorite reality show - Lauren Conrad just published her 2nd novel, Sweet Little Lies..

don't laugh at me when i confess here that i like her..
yes, just like i love Fazura and Paris Hilton..
for Fazura, beside her beauty, i like the way she act, very natural, very her..
and for Paris, i know she really look like a very dumb-blonde girl,
but still, she know how to make business,,
gosh, i love her fragrance..

ok, back to Lauren,,
i started to know her yearrsss ago from Laguna Beach,
then she 'transfer' to The Hills,
and last year, she decide to quit from that show and focus on her clothing-line..
i heard that the most reason she quit from The Hills is because none other that Heidi Montag..
they used to be BFF but then they involve in a 'cat-fight'..
i'm not really know about the fight!!
and according to Lauren, she is so sick when the producer push her to get in the same scene with Heidi..

after she quit, she launch her clothing line which is for me just ok..
and for some reason, she said that she want to focus only on her novel..
when i heard about Lauren's novel, i think, is this true? a novel??
then when she publish her 1st ever novel, LA Candy, it topped the New York Times Best Seller list for two weeks...
believe it!! click here

i try to search when i at Penang but i couldnt find it, so i make my own conclusion,
LA Candy are not existed in Malaysia..........yet!!!!
oh poor me, when her 2nd novel already launch, i still searching for LA Candy

as for relationship,
previously she date a hunky Brody Jenner
and currently she date this guy, Kyle Howard [im not really sure where he comes from but he is an actor]

oh,, i really want her books!!
i want!! i want!!!



anne said...

tak kenal pun Lauren Conrad...sebab tak ikut plak Laguna Beach & The Hills. kat MTV kan?

cuba cari kat MPH ke Borders ke buku tu mesti ada kot...or Amazon ke. tapi tak tau kalau order mahal la pulekkk.

take care dear

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

yes, citer tu kat MTV.. ari tu sha ada tgk kat Amazon, mmg ler ada tp tu lah,, sha nak bayar pakai pe? sha bukannya ada credit card huuu
kat penang mmg xde, tp x sure lah kalo kat KL.. huhuhuhu