Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My homework is to watch Planet 51....seriously

salam and hai...

yes...believe it..this is my first assesment for the subject academic of writing skill..haha unfortunately, i dont think i enjoy that much of watching this movie. this just not kind of movie that i would watch. hehe infact, i fall asleep when the lecturer let us watch half of this movie..seriously, let us watched this at 430pm??? so, i have to watch all over again from the beginning.. [when im offline of course hehe]..

so, tomorrow i will 'fly' back to kedah via Cepat Express hehe lucky for me, my uncle work there. then i have to rush back to terengganu next saturday because on sunday the lecturer of Maritime English will cover 6 hours of missing-lesson..sigh..this must be damn tired..

speaking of tired,,my schedule for this semester is something that i can say crazy or Jos rather call 'holy crap' haha opps, sorry hehe sunday is fine because we have to deal with the outside' lecturer, we dont have many option left. monday class started at 9am until 12 for the morning lesson then on the nite, we have to cover the another class huhu, wait until i write about tuesday schedule, this is why Jos said those things ~~ class started at 11 but non stop until 4 [for me] but for them class until 6pm haha then every tuesday it will happened that we definetly will have extra clas at nite sigh sighhhhh.. its a very our hectic day..then on wednesday is okay for me because my class started at 4PM [hahahahah epul hahaha] them, started at 11am hehe..i dont know why it feels so tired, maybe harder than 1st semester..

btw, music lover, try listening to Breath No More by Evanescence..simple song :)

ok, i better watch planet 51, then finish my statistic work..


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