Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i am going home...

~the chronology~

when lina first call me to inform that i got UMT offer for maritime management, i was at home, dont have any desire even to double check it.

when i told my parents, i thought they will ask me to stay at penang, work and just further my study via PJJ but i was totally wrong..

when i left VADS, i cried a lot. i felt like i will never met such a good group like that ever again

when i was packing my stuff, i didn't felt anything. excited? far away..

when i arrived at terengganu, i am scared. my dad too..scared that i change my mind because this is the most far place i ever stay.

when my family left me, i cried a bit and i thought i gonna cry at least for a week, but i was totally wrong again..

when i first enter class, i didn't know anybody, i just know my roommate, Nurul. then i met my best girl now, Ila. and after that i met Jos, Fatin and Nadia.

when they inform about 'survival laut' i totally freak out because i hate camping..very much but...

when we arrived bidong, i was stunned. its very beautiful scenery. i started to fall into my life :)

when at bidong, i met Din aka dance, very shy at first but we become best friend now.

when i finish my 'survival laut', i started to know part of my class. then, i love enter my lesson even i hate account at first.

when i met people here, pokcik&mokcik, friends, beach, beach, beach and beach here i realized that i make a right decision for my life.

when my first mid term holiday, i was shock because im not realize it, even didn't make a 'count-down'.. can you tell how much i enjoy my life??

when zaher & epul asked me to help them for multimodal project, i never thought that i will become close with them,, quite close. they just like my younger brother and being with them make me happy.. so i always hang out with them just like me and my real brother - apat,asyraf and fahmi :)

when my final is over which is just now, means that my first semester already over. it is quick, i met lots of lovely people and less of cruel people. and my expectation that i will hate this place, the 'student' title is so wrong. i freaking love this place and i am damn happy with my life right now...i never feel this way about studying hahaha seriously..

when i going back to kedah tonight, i'll left this beautiful place for a month. i can't wait to come back, continue my 2nd semester..

goodbye terengganu..

**nak upload video tapi karang bus tinggal lak haha

people is change!

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Elylinn said...

seronoknya balik kampung, jeles. I'm going home too.. soooonnnn.... (^-^)