Sunday, November 1, 2009

how i fall into arsenal

hi good day..

it might feel weird for me to love football at first. as i remember, i started to 'fall' into football when i 'fall' into fredrik ljungberg, a sweedish and of course an arsenal player at that time. yes, 2002, world cup at Japan/Korea. ljungberg, with a cutie image, red hair hehe very handsome.
then i started to 'follow' him after world cup done. beside, my 2nd brother also a very loyal-diehard fan of arsenal. i was 16 on that time, and that's how i become one of crazy arsenal fan. owh, 8 years already :) so, blame ljungberg cutie haha i'm not sure where is he now, but poor he, i thought he will end his career at arsenal, just like bergkamp did. too early for him huh??

i was 'there' for 49 unbeaten. yes, we never win Champions League, but that is the sweetest moment for me as the gooners. didn't we missed the beautiful of highbury? and of course missed the unbeaten team too - viera, henry, bergkamp, parlour, van broncoast, edu, lauren, pires, kanu, toure, bold ljungberg, lehman, gilberto, ashley [hard for me to put his name on this!] and many more. yeah, that reyes too..and what? pennant in that team too?, i don't miss all

before this, i wonder how could possibly peoples cry because of football? i think its stupid, but unfortunately now, i become one of the 'stupid' people when come to this. i didn't say i cry everytime arsenal lost. the hardest time was when they lost to chelsea in quarter final of champions league [don't remember the date, even what year] but it was really heartbreaking haha and one more is when i already started's champions league too. click here.

i watched yesterday game. it's been a long time since i come back after aidilfitri. coincidently for me because i forget yesterday is saturday [blame final week wahaha], i went for dinner then i stuck there with all boys. sorry, akmal - i asked her to stay with me until my dinner is ready. but meeting Spurs, i guess the feeling is quite same with we meeting the devil. because its derby and because they 'belagak' so much too, right gooners? haha they play bored at first but after the 1st and very quick 2nd goal, they started to play like them. owh, i hope for my vermaelan to score but he didn't. full time my arsenal beat spurs three nil hahaha well done boys :)

i and for sure all the gooners hope they will win at least one trophy this season,, it will be nice if we can score more than 'a' trophy hihi i'll always have faith in every arsenal player, yes even eboue haha good luck the gunners,,

once the gooners always the gooners


Young Gooners said...

Yeah!!! Forever will be The Gunners...hahaha!!!

.MISS_SHASHA. said...

iuk, riza farizul hehe :) aku klik p blog ang tak dak apa2 lagik ke? hehe selamat menjadi blogger :)