Friday, November 6, 2009



sometimes, people have explanation why they did that and that, a good one, a lame excuse one, and a rubbish one...and what hurt is, sometimes there are no explanation at all...
sigh, and sometimes for peoples to understand all those excuses, they just don't get it. they ask, why? how can you did that? how possibly you being like this??
but for me right now, it doesn't matter at all..i am a girl who talks a lot, until now, i never change and i think i'll never change, like it or not, this is me.. but when people did something that broke my heart in lots lots of aspect, nowadays, i rather keep silence. i'll ask once and if you silence i will silence too but don't regret if i'll keep silence forever..i can be a desperate person when i eager to heard the explanation but i can turn to a desperate-silence person if im being ignore..i'm a mean girl, but just to a person who cruel to me..
so, if you mad at someone or choose to just being alone, you better have a brilliant explanation because i think everybody hate being ignore without an explanation..right???

it hurts me, 'double' hurts.. u just can't trust anybody~~

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