Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bizandry?? it is so OVER..


sigh..at first i wrote about this quite long and cruel. then, i change my mind. even i don't know where should i start, but i want world to know, or more to world of ex-KPMSI, im no longer have any link with bizandry. what should i say those words in my mind when i think about this company? stupid? hate? damn-stingy? urgh, [enough,sha!]..
my brother, and any of us have no longer have any intension to know, to relate on anything about bizandry. this &^%$* company had make my first brother life suffer, make him sacrifice a lot, even sometimes have to left his wife and little daughter behind. when they fired Pak Ya, one of their best print man because some stupid personal problem, that's the turning point in my brother's life. at first some of them try to talk to the boss to accept Pak Ya back, but he refuse. then the 'revolution' of bizandry life begun when 4 of their core worker resigned include my brother. beside Pak Ya reason, believe it or not, they didn't get their paycheck for a quite long time..sigh i am so so shock and dissapointed when i heard this from my sis-in-law. Pet [also their best print man and i learned that, only him and Pak Ya know how to mix the dye], Shidah - the admin girl that they treat like 'kuli batak', Bear - the best designer i ever know and the best marketing man that they ever wanted - my brother. This four people + Pak Ya, finally decide to setup new company and then 'Strawbearu' was born [mid 2008]. it is not easy for them for the starter, especially in capital. thanks a million to my 2nd brother ;)
for more, i did once post about them. click here.



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