Saturday, October 24, 2009

one thing she and i have in common [hihi]

What girl doesn’t love diamonds? For jewelry designer and heiress Ivanka Trump, her love affair with the gems started early. “The first important piece of jewelry I ever got was a diamond necklace my mom gave me from her collection when I turned 21,” Ivanka tells. “Part of our bonding as I grew up was watching her accessorize for a night out.” So the decision to design jewelry was a natural one, says Ivanka: “Clothing has less of an immediate appeal to me. Jewelry is more than an accessory. In fact, a dress is an accessory to the jewelry,” she continues. This philosophy is evident in the way the diamond designer keeps her clothing classic and conservative. “I’m not afraid to be over-the-top with jewels. As far as diamonds go, the bigger the better,” she says. (oh honey, I agree!!) And though she likes her diamonds big — fiance Jared Kushner proposed to her with a 5-carat stunner he designed himself– Ivanka cautions against accessorizing with too many jewels at once. “I also don’t believe that layering creates the look. It’s not about how many jewels you can wear at once.”

**isn't she beautiful??? i admire her, bukan selalu anak orang kaya pandai banget kan?? i know, the 'beautiful' term is NOT what we have in common [wayyyy not!!!] haha [aku belasah kang!] and this weekend dia kawen, congrats!!


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